Open (Non-Elite) Point Series

Here's the specifics of how you earn points:

Spartan Race Open Point Series:

(For Elite Points, please see: Spartan Elite Point Series and Ranking)

Base Points earned are weighted based on course distance:

Sprint: 96% points (288 total to first place male/female).

Super: 98% points (294 total to first place male/female).

Beast: 100% points (300 total to first place male/female).


We will have a Stadium Series with it's own points and rankings (Note: Stadium events will not count towards rankings with non-stadium events).

Stadium: 96% points (288 total to first place male/female).

How is it Calculated?

Points are calculated based on a % of best finish time for overall male and overall female (for example, overall male's time / your time x 95 points) AND based on a % of best finish time for age division (overall age div time / your time x 195 points).

10 Participation points are also awarded for each event completed

Example: The overall male finisher in a Spartan Beast wins 95 points for gender overall win + 195 points for age division win = 290 pts + 10 participation points for a total of 300 points. Your points would be Gender winner time / Your Time X 95 pts + Age div winner time / your time x 195 pts + 10 participation points.

Your top 5 best continental US races are used to earn points and any/all additional races keep 10 participation points.


  • To qualify for the Open Points Series you must race in a heat not designated as Elite. If you race in an Elite wave, those Elite points will not be combined with your Open points in the Open Series.
  • Stadium Event points and Non-Stadium (regular) Event points will be calculated separately.  
  • Only your top 5 best races within the Continental US earn full points (for both the main and stadium series).
  • If multiple laps are ran in a single day, only the initial lap will be counted towards points.
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