I Paid On Time But I Am Not On The Start List

This system arrangement only concerns the registration of teams.

Teams are shown on the starting list only if they meet the minimum membership requirement for a group rebate and each member has paid for the registration properly.

If a defaulter is found in a team, none of the team will appear in the starting list. It is up to the captain and other team members to oversee the debtors in their team who are causing this unauthorized use of group discounts.

Example: If they register 5 people in a 4-member team but only 3 people will pay, the team will not appear in the starting list until at least one of the two debtors will pay in order to qualify for a group discount. Similarly, this applies to 15 member teams.

In case of incomplete teams, we regularly contact the entire team and try to resolve the situation almost a week after registration.

If the debtor fails to pay until the day of the race, the remainder of the paying team members will have to pay the difference (return 10%) in the registration on the day of the race.

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