Can I Transfer To Another Spartan Race, To Another Person, Or Both?

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Sometimes, things happen, and you're just not able to make an event that you had planned on. Not to worry, Spartan Race does allow you to defer your unused registration.


30 DAYS TO INITIATE DEFERRAL: You have until 30 days AFTER your event to defer your UNUSED registration to a new event. You do not have to complete the process and choose your new event at this time, but you must initiate the deferment within 30 days.

90 DAYS TO USE DEFERRAL CREDIT TOWARDS NEW RACE: You will have 90 days after the event you are transferring out of to sign up for your new event. The new event does not have to take place within those 90 days, you just need to complete the registration within 90 days (i.e., the new event can take place a year from now, but you must register for it now). The credit expires after 90 days and no further credit will be offered.

More Details:

  • Our Transfer/Deferment Policy currently only applies to events in the continental US & Hawaii. We are not able to transfer a registration from a US event to another country.
  • The option to defer will be taken offline Wednesday prior to the event as all of the bibs for the race weekend need to be prepared. It will come back online by Wednesday after the event once we are able to verify the bibs that have not been used.
  • If the event you want to transfer to is not open for registration yet, you must still initiate your deferment within 30 days after your race. A code credit will remain in your Chronotrack account, to use for eligible events, up to 90 days after the event you are transferring out of.
  • You cannot use the code for a sold out event. It is the racer’s responsibility to ensure the event is not sold out before completing the deferment.
  • If you are transferring additional purchases such as the iTab or spectator pass, please email us after you have completed and paid the deferment fee.
  • Kids Race & Spectator Registrations (registered for separately, not as an "add on" to a racer registration) will be available for deferment to a future race - at NO CHARGE - up until 48 hours prior to the race. After 48 hours, you will no longer be able to defer Kids Race or Spectator registrations.  
  • Hurricane Heat deferments OUT of the event (to a future event) will close the MONDAY prior to the event. 
  • If you sign up with a Groupon, you are not eligible to defer your registration. Per the terms and conditions of the voucher, your purchase is for the specific race only. 


  • At the time you defer your race, you are charged the flat Deferment fee of $35 (Unless you are transferring a Spectator or Kids registration, see above). 
  • Our $14 Insurance Fee is charged per person, per day, per venue and is non-transferable and non-refundable. If you want to defer your entry, you will need to pay the $14 Insurance Fee again for the new event - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • When you defer your registration to a future event, you will be given a credit for the amount paid, minus any discounts (does not include insurance or service fees). For example, your race price was $100 and you had a discount for $25 off. You would receive a credit of $75 to use for your next race. 
  • When you register for the new event with your deferment credit, you will be responsible for any price difference between the credit and the current price of the event you are signing up for. You will need to purchase Participant Insurance for the new event. You will also not be able to use any discount codes, offers, or other credits when signing up for the new event. 
  • If you are deferring your entry to another person to use, you will still pay the flat deferment fee of $35. Whoever completes the new event registration with the deferment credit will be responsible for paying the price difference and Participant Insurance.
  • The deferment credit cannot be used to pay the Participant Insurance or the processing fee. You will need to pay those fees again when you sign up for the new event.
  • The deferment credit is valid for a single use on a registration. Any deferment credit remaining after you sign up for the new event will be forfeited. It cannot be used for future events, the Participant Insurance, processing fees, or merchandise.  
  • Do to the unique nature of the Agoge, we are unable to offer a refund or future race credit under any circumstance.


To defer the registration:

  1. Head over to (our registration system) and choose "Athlete Login" in the upper right corner: 


  2. Log in or create an account using the SAME email address you used for your original registration. 

  3. In your profile, you'll see "Upcoming" and "Past" events tabs. Locate the race you'd like to defer.

  4. Once you locate the race you'd like to defer, choose "Change Race" on the right hand side: change_race_3.png

  5. When you click Change Race, you'll have two options:
    Change to Another Race: this will allow you to move your Start Times WITHIN the same race date.
    Defer my registration for another event: this will allow you to withdraw from this event and receive credit to use at a future Spartan Event.

  6. You will then be asked to confirm the Race Deferral fee ($35) and to finalize that transaction.

  7. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of your deferral, with a coupon code that can be used to move to the next race of your choice. This coupon code is shown to you onscreen, emailed to you in a confirmation email, and saved for reference and use in the "Coupons" tab of your Chronotrack profile: Coupon_Tab_4.png

  8. When you're ready to register for your NEW race, simply go through the registration process as usual for the new event. Input the Deferral Code you received into the Coupon Code box during registration and you will be credited the appropriate amount. Any remaining fees (price difference, Participant insurance, processing charge) will be your responsibility at that time.
  9. It is up to you to ensure the race you want to transfer to is not sold out and also be aware that events can sell out at any time. It is possible for a heat or event to sell out during the transfer process.

To Defer my registration to a DIFFERENT PERSON: 

  1. Follow the steps listed above. You will simply give the code to the new racer. 
  2. The new racer will go through the registration process as usual, until prompted to enter a "promotional code."  He/she will input that code, and it will credit the appropriate amount.  Any remaining fees (price difference, Participant insurance, processing charge) will be the new racer's responsibility at that time.
  3. The new racer is not guaranteed to get the same spot as you. It is up to you to ensure the heat is not sold out prior to completing the deferment. If it is we cannot guarantee the new racer will be able to sign up for the heat you were originally in.



If you are deferring an event purchased with a Trifecta Pass, please follow the following steps.
NOTE: You will only be able to defer to the same race type. For example, if you're deferring from a Beast, you will only be able to activate your deferral for a Beast. Trifecta pass usage is only valid for one Sprint, one Super, and one Beast, so we are unable to accommodate requests for deferrals to alternate distances. The transfers can only be made to races in the same calendar year (January through December).  

  1. Initiate the deferment process, as directed above. Pay $35 deferral fee and receive your deferral code. 
  2. Send your deferral code to Spartan Customer Support via Live Chat (look for the red help button on any page), or email: and let us know what race you'd like to change to. 
  3. Spartan Customer Support will activate your deferral code accordingly and you will be able to register for your new race at 100% off your registration fees.
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