Foreigners Using Medical Help At A Race

Travel  Insurance Service for foreigners

All foreigners runners are insured at all CEU events with additional service program from insurance company  Metlife. 

In case you injured during the race and you have to go to hospital just call Metlife  telephone number.  This service is free for all foreign runners only. 

Note: Please, understand the program is called Travel Insurance  but this not cover any injuries caused out of Spartan Race.  For example in case of traffic accident you will not be covered with this program. The program  covers only injuries caused during the race on the Spartan Race course.   
Non-stop assistance service of the company Metlife in case of emergency  or any medical assistance need for foreigners.
+ 421 2 20 678 678      multilingual operators  24/7
Please, tell operator  your travel insurance number   316.094


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