Spartan Workout Tour: Everything You Need To Know

Spartans! Are you wondering how to train to prepare for a Spartan Race?  Are you thinking about coming to a Spartan Workout Tour near you?

Check out our upcoming events here:  

Also, here are few things that you might need to know:

What time is the workout?

All event information is provided on the page specific to your area's workout. All workout events are listed on Registration and check-in opens one (1) hour prior to the workout, so please arrive at least a half hour before your workout time.

How long is the workout?

Workouts are two (2) hours long. All event information is provided on the page specific to your area's workout. All workout events are listed on Please check all details on that page. 


What does the workout consist of?

The two hour workout consists of a variety of body weight exercises woven into several workout routines so you will know how to train and prepare for your race.  You are guaranteed to sweat and raise your heart-rate, all while meeting fellow Spartans and learning new strategies to get your body and mind prepared for race day.

Will there be any obstacles at the workout?

No, this body-weight workout is designed to prepare your body and mind to be ready for obstacles.  We offer a specialized course called “Obstacle Specialist” for those who would like to learn specifics about particular obstacles.  The Workout Tour will go over strategies and obstacle preparedness without the obstacles.

Where is the workout?

All event information is provided on the page specific to your area's workout. All workout events are listed on

Is there a charge for the workout?

$10 per person.  Children 13 and under are free with a participating adult.

*As of May 4th, any person that has not yet registered for a Workout Tour event occurring between June 17 and December 31 will be required to pay the $10 fee.  Anyone that signed themselves up for the Workout before May 4th, does NOT need to pay the $10 fee.

How do I pay for the workout?
Participants may pay in advance via when registering, click here.

Participants may also pay via cash/credit the morning of the workout on-site.


 What do I get for the $10 workout fee?

  • A 2 hour bodyweight workout
  • Advice and racing tips from an experienced SGX Coach
  • A technical tee shirt  (size not guaranteed if not registered/paid in advance)
  • 20% off race discount code
  • 25% off select online merchandise
  • Clif Bar, and possibly other swag

Please note, we are not able to refund your registration fee if you do not attend the workout.

What’s the age limit?

We encourage Spartans of all ages to enjoy the workouts. A legal guardian must sign a waiver and be present at the workout with any minor under the age of 18.

Can spectators watch the workout?
Absolutely! Although, we encourage everybody to jump in on the action. Spectators don't need to fill out any information or consent, simply show up and cheer on their favorite Spartan.

If I volunteer, can I still work out?


Can I register on-site if my computer is broken or I haven't gotten a chance?

Yes, we will be able to register you on-site. Bring your friends as well.  The site is also mobile-friendly!

Is there child care provided?

No, child care is not provided. If you bring your children, please have a supervisor or sign a waiver for them so you can work out together.

I can no longer attend the workout, or I need to switch my workout to another date/city. Do I have to let someone know?

No, just register for the event you'd like to attend instead.  Please note, your original registration fee will not be refunded.

Is there a place to put my belongings?
There is no bag check and every venue is different, so please leave your valuables at home or in the car.

Where can I find pictures?
They will be posted on the Facebook page.

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